POSTURE seatcushion
ORTHO footrest
Multipurpose wood desk lets you work where you want.

Unlike look-a-likes, the Adaptable     is sturdy and will support upto 50 lbs. It's unique ergonomic features help to prevent and reduce strain and discomfort to neck, shoulders and back. Reading, eating or working (especially in bed) is comfortable and a real pleasure.
A new angle on pain prevention and comfort!
Sit for long periods without aches, pain or discomfort.
Ergonomic construction helps to eliminate back pain due to seating.
As you sit on this orthopaedic seat cushion, the tail bone is suspended preventing "tusch" numbing pressure. Ideal for wheelchairs.
Reduces pressure under the thigh allowing normal blood circulation.
Wooden bench lets you elevate your feet at a correct angle of about 12 degrees with the floor.
The feet should not dangle, yet ORTHOfootrest      will take pressure off the thighs and ischial tuberosities, where nerves and vessels are more superficial.
Exercise equipments, Cardio and Strength Equipments